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Canned motor and saltwater pumps from Roehlen Industries

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Roehlen Industries  offer standard and Magdrive pumps for indusial applications. Canned motor pumps, saltwater pumps, clamp on motor pumps and bolt on motor pumps are also available from Roehlen Industries. Magdrive series 2/3 pumps are leak proof pumps and were particularly designed for oils, glycols and other low surface tension fluids. Magdrive pumps are designed to meet varied flow rates ranging from 115 to 300 gallons per hour. Magdrive pumps can be used to produce carbonated water for soft drink dispensers, express coffee machines, beer cooling systems etc. Roehlen Industries also offers clamps, couplings, adapter coupling units and external bypass valves.

CMP-700 is an integrated canned pump and motor package offered by Roehlen Industries. Canned motor pumps feature a single shaft design and is designed with a patented thermal protection. The thermal protection allows the pump to automatically cut off during a run dry condition. Canned motor pumps recycle every 10 to 15 minutes until the run dry condition is rectified.

Roehlen Industries offer saltwater pumps which are designed for sea water application. Saltwater pumps feature a stainless steel SMO which is highly resistant to corrosion. Internal components of the pumps are made of 316 stainless steel materials. Saltwater pumps are available in bolt on and clamp on configurations.

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