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Liquid decanting ‘goat throat’ pump

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article image Fits most drums from 10 to 250L.

THE 'goat throat', or release pump, depending on where it is marketed around the world, is a solution to most liquid decanting requirements.

Available from Rodburn Industrial , this hand-operated drum pump fits nearly every type of drum on the world market from 10L to 250L, and accurately dispensed almost every type of flowable liquid.

The pump comes with the option of three different types of seal material, and is colour-coded to clearly distinguish this design feature -- Blue = EPDM seals; Red = Nitrile seals, Green = Viton seals.

Other innovative features include:

* Liquid fully bypasses pump mechanism.

* Can accurately decant from 5mL/s up to 20L/min.

* Creates an airtight seal in drum preventing evaporation and contamination.

* Vastly reduces chance of spill or drips as found in traditional methods.

* Gives 'hands free' operation - does not require constant pumping to create flow.

* Drums always remains upright - far less handling needed.

* Optional extension kit gives ability to fully control flow at a distance from the drum.

* Has built in pressure relief valve.

* Australian-made and assembled.

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