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FACILITY managers and engineers will be able to more effectively analyse and address energy-related challenges with Rockwell software RSEnergyMetrix, a new web-enabled energy management solution from Rockwell Automation .

RSEnergyMetrix combines data communication tools, client-server software and advanced web technology to capture, analyse, and store energy information, enabling information-sharing across the enterprise.

The key to reducing energy-related expenses is understanding where, when and how much energy is being consumed. With this information, companies can proactively manage load requirements, improve system performance and reduce costs.

RSEnergyMetrix can track energy usage, cost and power quality data. Load profiling, cost-allocation and billing capabilities allow users to correlate energy costs to production costs, and provide accurate cost-accounting based on energy consumption.

Users can view real-time data, and create historical trend reports and charts to create energy budgets and forecasts, negotiate better rates, and make decisions on electrical capacity and quality.

The RSEnergyMetrix energy management solution includes a core energy manager that acts as the data logging, reporting, charting and billing package.

It includes standard connectivity to Allen-Bradley power monitors and programmable controllers, with optional third-party device connectivity.

The energy manager runs on the Microsoft Windows 2000 Server and uses Microsoft.Net and XML web services technologies, so users can access, configure and share management information via the web.

The manager can be configured for any energy and production-related inputs, including electricity, gas, water and steam meters. Legacy meters can be added manually.

Using Microsoft.Net security, meter configuration values can be set up and changed remotely via the web, with multi-level password protection and privileges.

RSEnergyMetrix displays waveforms and harmonics in a graphical or log format, and works seamlessly with RSView32 HMI software to provide a comprehensive electrical system view.

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