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Web capabilities for controller platforms

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article image The Allen-Bradley 1756-EWEB module for ControlLogix.

TWO new interface modules for Rockwell Automation control platforms enable users to access plant-floor control information via a Web browser.

The Allen-Bradley 1756-EWEB module (for ControlLogix controllers) and the Allen-Bradley 1761-NET-ENIW module (for SLC 500, MicroLogix and CompactLogix controllers) both support EtherNet/IP communications, and offer a suite of Web capabilities.

The Allen-Bradley 1756-EWEB module enables ControlLogix users to read/write plant-floor data via Web pages, receive e-mail or pager-based alarm notifications, and transmit information to a variety of software applications using extensible markup language (XML) data.

The 1756-EWEB serves preformatted and custom Web pages containing control system data. Users who are authorised to access the information can do so on any computer with Internet access and a browser.

This feature allows plant managers, engineers or maintenance specialists to gather and analyse control system data at their convenience.

In addition, users can create custom Web pages with the EWEB module--a valuable feature for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). These pages can combine control data from their machines with links to support services, machine documentation or online spare parts order forms.

Rockwell Automation control systems product manager Gordon Senior said with the EWEB EtherNet/IP module, users could view control information anywhere, anytime from a standard Web browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer--allowing greater accessibility and collaboration of information “from the shop floor to the top floor”.

The Allen-Bradley 1761-NET-ENIW Web-enabled EtherNet/IP communication interface module retains all the features of the popular 1761-NET-ENI module, but also includes fixed-format Web-server functionality, designed for easy integration with Allen-Bradley SLC 500, MicroLogix and CompactLogix controllers.

The Web-server features of the ENIW provide powerful read/write accessibility from the Internet, providing the ability to monitor and adjust machine operation from any Internet-connected computer.

Compatible with Netscape 4.7 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 browsers, the fixed-format ENIW pages allow for easy user customisation, without the need for HTML programming skills.

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