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Uninterruptible power supplies by Rockwell Automation

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article image Bulletin 1609 UPS by Rockwell Automation are certified to provide backup AC power

Rockwell Automation  presents a range of Allen-Bradley UPS systems designed specifically for industrial applications.  

The Bulletin 1609 family of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) includes three distinct series to meet worldwide industrial application requirements up to 10kVA. The Allen-Bradley UPS systems can help prevent data loss, extended downtime and damage to equipment.  

The Bulletin 1609 uninterruptible power supplies in the U and S series incorporate a comprehensive set of industrial features for single-phase applications up to 500VA.  

The Bulletin 1609-U and S industrial series are specifically designed for industrial environment control panels, in addition to providing surge and filter functions as well as bridging dips, sags and brief power losses to help ensure operational efficiency.  

These uninterruptible power supplies have DIN rail and panel mount capabilities, optional 50ºC battery and hardwired input/output connections.  

The U and P systems include comprehensive network management and advanced communications capabilities such as Ethernet and RS232 to monitor and control a wide range of devices. Devices can additionally be controlled via optional dry contact I/O communication cables.  

The units can communicate battery status to PLCs via integrated dry contacts. To prevent downtime and equipment damage due to power outages, voltage fluctuations and transient surges, these UPS units have a line interactive design with pure sine wave output.  

Key features of Bulletin 1609-U Commercial UPS systems: 

  • Designed to increase protection and reduce downtime of critical process applications by supplying consistent clean power
  • Available in the traditional tower frame form factor in 750, 1000 and 1500 VA models
  • Ideal for protecting PCs, PLCs, servers and data networks
  • High wattage, pure sine wave output
  • 16 segment LED visual display
  • Intelligent battery management
  • Automatic voltage regulation
  • Network manageability and USB connectivity
  • Front access servicing and predictive failure notification

Key features of the Bulletin 1609-P series UPS systems: 

  • Powerful high density double conversion on-line UPSs for the industrial environment
  • Includes 3-10kVA power outputs for applications requiring 208/230V
  • 3kVA also available with 120V output
  • Assembled in a tower configuration and installed outside of a control panel
  • Hot swappable battery packs
  • Extended runtimes
  • Double conversion online topology
  • Rack convertible
  • Network management capabilities 


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