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article image Lifeline 4 stainless pull-wire emergency stop system.

ROCKWELL Automation's popular Allen-Bradley Guardmaster Lifeline 4 cable pull emergency stop system is now available in stainless steel 316.

The new Lifeline 4 stainless steel switch is suitable for outdoor use (such as mines and quarries), wash down areas with hygiene requirements, applications demanding a level of corrosion resistance, and/or wherever conventional materials are potentially problematic.

Its heavy-duty stainless steel construction also minimises down-time and lost production through unscheduled maintenance.

Complementing existing Allen-Bradley Guardmaster products, this versatile cable/pushbutton operated system is designed for installation along or around awkward machinery--such as conveyors--and delivers constant and immediate emergency stop access to keep operations and operators safe at all times.

Rockwell Automation Australia's safety product manager Gary Milburn says the emergency stop function of the stainless steel 316 system is activated immediately by either lateral or longitudinal movement of the lanyard, or by a 'mushroom head' emergency stop button incorporated into the switch housing.

"Switch lockout occurs on cable pulled and cable slack. But what makes the Lifeline 4 series unique is the incorporation of several key safety features in the one unit."

These include, for example, a positive mode mechanism to ensure the switch's two safety contacts are latched open immediately upon actuation and only reset by intentional action. The 75-metre span is maintained by a cable status indicator, which makes the system easy to set up, closely monitor and maintain.

Recommended for use with a stainless steel installation kit for added wash-and-wearability, the stainless steel Lifeline 4 also features laser-etched labelling for life-long readability with no flaking (associated with painted enclosures and traditional labelling), and is enclosure-rated to standards IP66 and IP67.

"In many situations, even highly durable plastic cable pull switches are simply not up to the job and need to be replaced more frequently--with consequent loss of production or, worse, reduction in safety," Milburn said.

"The Lifeline 4 stainless steel 316 has only recently been introduced to the Australian market, but already we have had strong interest from food processing plants--especially meat and poultry processing.

"But this product also bears up to harsh and corrosive external environments, as well. It is the only investment cast stainless steel product of its type available,” he added."

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