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Special-purpose modules for small controllers

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article image Allen-Bradley 1769-HSC special purpose module.

SUPPORTING the trend towards more functionality in small controllers, Rockwell Automation has announced two new specialty I/O modules -- one for high-speed counter applications and the other for simple analog control -- to suit the Allen-Bradley CompactLogix and MicroLogix 1500 controller families.

The Allen-Bradley 1769-HSC is a 1MHz counter/encoder input module that features four on-board 5 to 30V dc sourcing outputs. Designed for high-speed applications, the module can simultaneously interface with a maximum of two quadrature incremental encoders or four single-input count inputs from devices such as proximity or PE sensors or single pulse output encoders.

The Allen-Bradley 1769-IF4XOF2 combination analog I/O module accommodates applications requiring a small amount of analog I/O. The module features four input channels and two output channels, and offers one unipolar voltage and one unipolar current range for both inputs and outputs.

It also features 8-bit (127 counts/step change) input/output channel resolution, as well as the ability to configure each channel individually for 0-10V dc or 0-20mA.

In addition to compatibility with the CompactLogix and MicroLogix 1500 controllers, both modules also work with the Allen-Bradley Series B 1769-ADN DeviceNet Adaptor. This allows the modules to be used as distributed I/O, even with other companies' controllers. Rockwell Automation 03 9896 0300.

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