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article image Useful for determining the cause of a power failure.

ROCKWELL Automation Australia has released the Allen-Bradley ControlLogix sequence of events (SOE) module.

The ability to determine the cause of a power failure or grid collapse is critical for power authorities, along with independent generators and distributors of power. To address this issue, Rockwell Automation has introduced the SOE input module for the Allen-Bradley ControlLogix control platform. The module has the ability to timestamp to a per-I/O-point level and discriminate events that occur within 100μs of each other.

Combined with dc power supplies and a global positioning satellite (GPS) module the SOE module is suitable for utility and substation automation, emergency shutdown systems, energy management and load shedding.

The module operates in one of two modes, coordinated system time (CST) per point and first in/first out (FIFO) mode. In the CST per point mode, a module provides two timestamps for each of the 16 input unit points. In FIFO mode multiple transactions of any input point are timestamped and the data stored in an onboard buffer.

A precision time reference for all timestamped data in the SOE controller can be accessed by adding the 1756HP GPS module from Hiprom. This module helps users determine the order of events in their system and correlate those events to a real time clock. Companies can also apply a common time base for control components scattered across a wide geographic area. With one GPS module in each remote system, multiple installations can operate and timestamp according to the same precision reference.

To accompany the SOE module, Rockwell Automation also launched a 48V and a 125V dc power supply. These supplies provide power to a ControlLogix system using any appropriate dc source, such as a battery backup system, to allow the system to continue operating and recording data during a brown or blackout.

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