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SensaGuard Machine Guarding Solutions from Rockwell Automation Benefit from RFID and Distribution

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article image The Allen-Bradley Guardmaster SensaGuard range of switches features RFID coding capabilities and Distribution Block connectivity

The Allen-Bradley Guardmaster SensaGuard range available from Rockwell Automation combines RFID and distribution capabilities to deliver cost-effective machine guarding solutions for industry.  

SensaGuard machine guarding systems provide secure safety switching, diagnostics and monitoring in one compact package. SensaGuard simplifies the integration of multiple sensors by combining cutting-edge RFID coding technology with an M23 Safety Distribution block.  

The advanced RFID coding technology provides an additional level of security, allowing a SensaGuard switch and actuator to be paired with a specific code. This enhances safety by reducing the possibility of other actuators being used to bypass the switch.  

The switch is paired with an actuator on initial power-up and can be locked to this unit immediately. If some flexibility is required, the switch can be re-paired to another actuator up to eight times. After the 8th time, it is locked to the last-paired actuator. At anytime during the pairing process, the switch can be locked to a specific actuator permanently.  

Ideal for guarding equipment with part- or full-body access, SensaGuard switches are particularly suitable for applications where multiple access doors must be monitored up to Safety Category 4/Safety Integrity Level 3 (SIL3)/ Performance Level e (PLe).  

Allen-Bradley M23 Safety Distribution block is designed to simplify integration of the SensaGuard family of machine guarding systems when multiple sensors are installed. Available with either 4 or 8 ports, the M23 Safety Distribution block facilitates the direct local connection of M12, 8-pin SensaGuard safety products.  

The Safety Distribution block can connect up to 8 SensaGuards to meet Cat4/SIL3/PLe, with an individual auxiliary contact from each device going back to the control panel. This provides specific diagnostic information for each door or device to the control system.  

The LEDs on the distribution block provide additional local diagnostic information for troubleshooting. Shorting plugs for unused ports, variable length 19-pin patchcords and 8-pin cordsets are available to provide full connectivity and circuit safety.  

The M23 Safety Distribution block also allows connectivity of other devices via dry contacts to products such as e-stop or OSSD transistor outputs for light curtain applications.  

The SensaGuard RFID coding and connectivity with the M23 Safety Distribution block offers cost-effective machine guarding solutions that are ideally suited for a wide range of industrial safety applications.

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