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Safety interlock switch latch release

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article image Allen-Bradley MT-GD2 safety interlock.

ROCKWELL Automation has launched the latest member of the Allen-Bradley Guardmaster range of safety products: the 'latch release' version of the heavy-duty MT-GD2 safety interlock.

Providing an extra level of machine safety, the latch release mechanism locks machine guards into place until the actuator is liberated by deliberate release of the latch.

Designed for use on machines suffering vibration problems or misaligned guards, the MT-GD2 safety interlock is fitted directly onto machine guards to prevent safety gates from vibrating open. It can also be supplied with a chain-retained actuator for machines with misaligned safety gates.

Boasting dual-channel levels of safety for higher risk applications, IP67 rated housing and tamper-proof operation, the interlock switch has five actuator types and eight possible actuator entry points, as well as forced guided contacts.

It is available in two versions, with either three (2 N/C + 1 N/O) or four (3 N/C + 1 N/O, 2 N/C + 2 N/O) sets of contacts, and fully complies with the European Machinery Directive.

The MT-GD2 with latch release provides extra flexibility to the standard MT-GD2 safety interlock switch. The mechanism itself is simple but effective.

When the guard or safety gate is closed, the actuator is manually inserted into the switch and locked into place by the latch mechanism. It then remains locked until a button, integrated into the head of the latch, is pulled to effect release.

A self-ejecting key option prevents operation of the safety switch if its key actuator is not fixed to the guard door. This stops tampering and means that operators with a spare key cannot easily override the switch. Rockwell Automation 03 9896 0300.

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