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SSI and ASCII interface modules

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ROCKWELL Automation has introduced two new modules to the Allen-Bradley POINT I/O family: a synchronous serial interface (SSI) absolute encoder module and an RS232 ASCII serial interface module.

POINT I/O is a family of modular input and output (I/O) hardware, specifically designed for applications requiring the smallest, most granular I/O format.

Providing users with the ability to select the precise number of I/O points required for an application, the POINT I/O family consists of terminal bases with removable terminal strips, I/O modules and network interface options that snap together and are DIN rail-mounted.

The POINT I/O 1734-SSI module provides a direct interface to synchronous serial interface (SSI) field devices, such as linear, rotary, or optical distance measuring devices.

The 1734-SSI is a single-channel absolute encoder interface that permits advanced levels of configuration, including data word size (from 2 to 31 bits) and SSI sensor communication speed.

As the module supports both greyscale and binary numbering formats and accommodates a configurable delay time, it is compatible with nearly 60 SSI sensors from over a dozen manufacturers.

The module can supply up to 0.75 amps to the SSI sensor, eliminating the need for external power supplies and isolation barriers.

The 1734-232ASC module adds intelligent device connectivity to the POINT I/O family. It is a single channel, RS232 serial interface module that connects directly to a variety of intelligent devices and sensors, such as barcode readers, weigh systems, proprietary controllers and so on.

The module offers baud rates from 1200 to 38,400, and is capable of transmitting or receiving 20 characters per field device.

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