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Rockwell launches ‘perfect’ controller

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article image Micrologix 1000 controller -- inexpensive and compact.

ROCKWELL Automation has launched a new addition to its Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1000 controller family -- a 10-point controller that combines high functionality, speed and capacity with micro size and price.

On a 'price per I/O point' basis, the new controller rivals most micro PLCs on the market today, Rockwell says.

The MicroLogix 1000 10-point controller is available in three models ranging in price from $157 to $298.

Rockwell Automation product manager David Black said the MicroLogix 1000 10-point controller was the perfect controller for companies with a micro budget.

"MicroLogix is both inexpensive and compact, yet big on performance. As it is fully compatible with the entire Allen-Bradley micro and small controller families, you can buy what you need today, knowing your options are still open in the future."

The new controller integrates the processor, communications port, embedded I/O and power supply into a single compact package that boasts a form factor of just 120mm by 80mm by 40mm, so it is small enough to fit into the tightest panel spaces.

With MicroLogix 1000, users can select from 17 different models, comprising 14 discrete models with 10, 16 and 32-point configurations, plus three analogue models with five analogue and 20 discrete I/O points.

Output options include relay, triac, MOSFET and analogue (current and voltage). Both ac and dc powered controllers are available.

All MicroLogix controllers incorporate a built-in RS232C port supporting DF1 full and half-duplex protocols, and DH485 protocol.

In addition, the MicroLogix 1000 supports connectivity to DeviceNet, the industry standard for open, device-level networking (via the 1761-NET-DNI interface module), and plant-wide Ethernet (via the 1761-NET-ENI interface module).

MicroLogix 1000 controllers program execution time is hard to beat, and also incorporates a bi-directional high speed input (up to 6.6kHz) that offers real-time output response for high-speed applications.

The controller's user memory supports more than 735 words of application program and 250 data words, plus an instruction set of 69 basic logic, applied control and advanced instructions.

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