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Rockwell Automation to acquire Incuity Software

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Rockwell Automation  has announced that it has made an agreement to acquire Incuity Software, a privately held company that is a supplier of enterprise manufacturing intelligence (EMI) software.

The software from Incuity Software provides real-time intelligence for business decision support, facilitating improved operations and reduced production waste by providing valuable management insight into a company’s operations.

“This acquisition is a key milestone in the continued expansion of our FactoryTalk software suite,” said Kevin Roach, vice president, Rockwell Software.

“Their newest software, IncuityEMI 2.6, easily integrates many disparate information sources from production operations and other enterprise systems. IncuityEMI 2.6 delivers good insights into enterprise performance and key operational metrics, and empowers personnel to drill down and analyse the root causes associated with manufacturing problems.

"Combining Incuity’s capabilities with the FactoryTalk integrated production management and performance suite will create high value for our customers.”

Headquartered in California, with regional offices in the U.S., Canada and South Africa, Incuity Software currently has more than 45,000 seats of its products installed in more than 40 countries and 13 languages. The Incuity Software management team and its employees will become part of Rockwell Automation’s architecture and software operating segment.

“As the demand for enterprise manufacturing intelligence rapidly grows, this acquisition supports our commitment to expand the FactoryTalk software suite and enhance our plant-wide information strategy to meet customers’ evolving needs,” said Steve Eisenbrown, senior vice president of Rockwell Automation's architecture and software segment.

“Incuity Software products don’t just provide visibility--they deliver enterprise-level insight by combining operations data with ERP and other IT applications. They make it possible to find the valuable insight hidden between disconnected information sources.”

Doug Lawson, CEO, Incuity Software, said: “Getting enterprise manufacturing information into the hands of decision-makers now is a vital business need. IncuityEMI is an innovative and exciting application in the market for this purpose. This acquisition combines our business with the resources, technology, customer base and global delivery capabilities of Rockwell Automation and will be good for our customers. Rockwell Automation is a good partner for Incuity.”

“IncuityEMI gives Rockwell Automation the vital top layer in the information chain where the roles of the ERP vendor and Industrial Automation vendor meet," Roach added.

“This allows us to simplify the typically heterogeneous world of systems generating information and is a platform to build diverse solutions. Our strategy is to let customers simplify and rationalise by providing a single source for all their process information needs. This is a big step to meeting that goal.”

“EMI real-time visibility and performance management software is part of the fast-growing segment of production management software.

"By collecting real-time data at the plant floor, establishing operational context, and revealing manufacturing information to the rest of the enterprise, it enables a higher level of performance at the plant level and throughout the distributed manufacturing enterprise and supply network,” said Greg Gorbach, ARC Advisory Group.
“Incuity Software is a pioneer in this market space. Their team understands the value and flexibility of enterprise visibility, built on the foundation of a strong data model, which is a key differentiator from many other providers. This acquisition gives Rockwell Software a good way to meet its customers’ business need to leverage real-time manufacturing information.”

IncuityEMI coexists with existing control systems and business applications, and makes data in these systems visible and actionable by presenting a coherent picture of a company’s manufacturing business through familiar internet browser and Microsoft Office interfaces.

IncuityEMI provides the foundation for a range of manufacturing analytics, including real-time executive dashboards, automated production reports, key performance indicator (KPI) monitoring and alerts, downtime analysis and reports, and process verification and optimisation.
These analytics have a wide range of applications from facility production to campus energy management.

"Rockwell Automation’s FactoryTalk software team is amassing some good capabilities," said Alison Smith, AMR Research.

"The Pavilion Technologies acquisition bolstered the company’s process industry position by elevating Rockwell Automation’s software profile well above the level of process control.

"The acquisition of Incuity gives Rockwell Automation enterprise manufacturing intelligence capability that rivals--even surpasses--the likes of SAP’s MII on many measures, and potentially positions Rockwell Automation to commoditise many of its traditional controls platform competitors by providing a control platform agnostic intelligence layer."

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