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Rockwell Automation’s Don Werner signals imminent change within group

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Rockwell Automation Australia’s new General Manager, Don Werner, has signalled imminent change within his group, in an effort to assist the Australian industry through what Werner predicts will be challenging times in 2007 and beyond.

Appointed as Rockwell Automation’s Australian division head in the closing days of 2006, Werner’s initial goal is to establish a new culture of closeness between Rockwell Automation Australia and its clients and partners. This, according to Werner, is a must have in achieving client success in today’s fiercely competitive commercial era.

The Australian industrial sector is globally unique. Australian manufacturers are confronted by an equally unique set of challenges and issues. First and foremost, Australia is a long way from the major markets of the Northern Hemisphere. Secondly, Australia is not a low-cost producing country. These factors make competing in an increasingly global marketplace particularly challenging.

Werner observed that in addressing such challenges, the Australian industrial groups had a critical need to tackle three issues: to ensure low total cost of ownership (TCO), fast time-to-market, and premium asset optimisation.

Rockwell Automation offers the ideal tools to achieve these goals via the Integrated Architecture industrial control and information solution set. But there is an essential ingredient needed to accompany this, it has to get particularly close to its clients to ensure that it has understanding of what the production issues are, and how to get them resolved economically. It is much a position of mutual trust.

The reality is that Rockwell Automation provides cost-effective and scaleable automation and information solutions, not simply boxed components. So, Rockwell Automation has a direct and immediate interest in ensuring clients’ long-term success. If they are not growing and successful, it cannot grow and be successful either. It should be ensured that their needs are clearly understood, to be successful within the respective markets; and are much in the business of success.

Rockwell Automation’s Integrated Architecture provides fully integrated scaleable solutions for the full range of control and information disciplines. Rockwell Automation provides the insight and performance to optimise production, respond more quickly to customer or market demands, and reduce costs. Two main segments combine to form the Integrated Architecture: the Logix control platform, and the FactoryTalk production management and performance suite.

Werner cites Rockwell Automation’s global reputation for customer service and support as a vital complement to the Integrated Architecture solution set. To a large degree, Rockwell Automation’s service and support underpins its total cost of ownership model. It is how Rockwell Automation differentiates from its competitors, and it forms the heart of its value message. It is also an absolute essential in a big country like Australia.

According to Werner, Integrated Architecture has ensured premium efficiencies and commercial success in facilities across Australia and around the world. Werner can take one to clients anywhere in the world, where Integrated Architecture is applied, and achieving total cost of ownership efficiencies. The reality is, Rockwell Automation can solve problems.

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