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Rockwell Automation releases new programmable automation controller

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article image Allen-Bradley ControlLogix L64 programmable automation controller

The automation technology group, Rockwell Automation, has extended the Allen-Bradley ControlLogix family of controllers--the Allen-Bradley ControlLogix L64.

Ideal for data-intensive applications that require high memory capacity, the Allen-Bradley ControlLogix L64 programmable automation controller (PAC) features 16MB of memory--twice the capacity of the powerful existing ControlLogix model.

The ControlLogix L64 is perfect for information-intensive applications that require the use of recipe data, such as batch processing.

Equipped with ample storage capacity to store data locally, the ControlLogix L64 enables users to switch recipes to meet production line demands.

Delivering enhanced processing performance, the ControlLogix L64 allows for more efficient use of system capacity, enabling the centralisation of applications, such as alarming.

Traditional alarming systems are managed by the application’s human-machine interface (HMI).

With FactoryTalk alarms and events software, alarming control can now be managed by the Logix PAC. This reduces duplicate development efforts in both the controller and the HMI.

Programming time can be reduced and errors that can occur through code duplication can be minimised.

Factory talk alarms and events greatly reduce data polling, while freeing up valuable controller resources, as well as network bandwidth.

Also, management of alarm state and timestamps by the controller improves information accuracy and provides consistency for both operators and maintenance personnel.

A future release of the ControlLogix V16 redundancy firmware will qualify the ControlLogix L64 PAC for use in redundancy applications.

Assisting with bumpless controller switchover, the redundant ControlLogix controllers utilise more memory than a standard application in order to provide data synchronisation between the primary and secondary controllers.

The additional memory on the L64 will permit its use in larger redundancy applications.

The ControlLogix PAC leverages the Rockwell Automation Logix control platform, featuring a common control engine, common programming software and communications services to help increase functionality, scalability and flexibility, while reducing costs.

This platform is ideal for multidiscipline control and applications requiring integration with higher-level information systems.

The ControlLogix L64 can take advantage of the enhancements in RSLogix 5000 Version 16 programming software, including user-defined add-on instructions, integrated drive configuration and RSLogix FuzzyDesigner.

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