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Rockwell Automation launches the 42JS VisiSight Photoelectric Sensor Series

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article image Rockwell Automation launches the 42JS VisiSight Photoelectric Sensor Series

Rockwell Automation has introduced the Allen-Bradley PHOTOSWITCH 42JS VisiSight, a new family of photoelectric sensors. Featuring a visible light-source for ease of alignment and a rapid 1ms response time, these new-generation presence sensors are the ideal choice for general-purpose detection applications in the packaging, assembly and materials handling industries.

According to Irma Napolitano, Rockwell Automation Area Manager for Components, a new microchip facilitates advanced diagnostic functions in the 42JS VisiSight photoelectric sensor, which can indicate when unstable sensor operation is occurring. “The stability indication provides forewarning against the detection of background noise,” she said. “If the signal level is too close to the detection threshold—which can occur due to dust or other interferences—the yellow-LED will flash. This provides a rapid and straightforward indication of when maintenance might be needed, before both the sensor output and the process itself are adversely affected.”

The 42JS VisiSight system also incorporates visual diagnostics for the status of power and output. Multiple LED indicators positioned on the top of the sensor provide rapid visual indication of the current state of the sensor; this simplifies the process of sensor troubleshooting, reducing downtime.  

In addition to the stability indication, the patented ASIC design of the 42JS VisiSight sensor also offers linear sensitivity adjustment and excellent noise immunity. This allows the sensor to address the small form-factor needs in several industries, including the life-sciences and pharmaceuticals industries, as well as food and beverage. The three different sensing modes—diffuse, polarised retroreflective and transmitted beam—cater for sensing ranges between 30mm to10m; sensitivity adjustment is also available with all modes.

An easy-to-install presence sensing solution, the compact 42JS VisiSight is available to suit two popular mounting styles. The rectangular-housing with industry standard 25.4mm hole spacing can be directly mounted, or alternatively, an optional snap-on adaptor allows the sensor to be used in 18mm cylindrical mountings.

The Allen-Bradley 42JS VisiSight photoelectric sensor enclosures are rated to IP67, or IP40 if the optional snap-on adaptor is used. The compact sealed housing and cavity-free design minimises the collection of dust and debris, while allowing easy sensor cleanup—making the 42JS VisiSight photoelectric sensors an ideal choice for a variety of demanding sensor applications.


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