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Rockwell Automation launches FactoryTalk Historian Site Edition software

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Rockwell Automation  has launched FactoryTalk Historian Site Edition (SE), a new software package that allows manufacturers to quickly and automatically identify, gather and analyse detailed process data from any plant-floor control system or networked device.

The FactoryTalk Historian Site Edition software development allows operators, supervisors and managers to call on extensive historical plant-floor data to gain insight into process, discrete and hybrid production operations.

FactoryTalk Historian is the recent addition to Rockwell Automation’s ideal FactoryTalk integrated production and performance suite of software.

A key element of Rockwell Automation’s Integrated Architecture, FactoryTalk achieves tight integration between control and information systems across the enterprise, facilitating the exchange of information to allow informed business decisions.

Simplifying historical system set-up and operation, FactoryTalk Historian SE’s Auto Discover function eliminates time-consuming set-up and configuration associated with other historian programmes.

Rather than manually identifying reference data points and devices, the Auto Discover function automatically scans and recognises any new devices and reference data points that have been added to the network. With a single click of the mouse, the new device is incorporated into the library of monitored equipment.

FactoryTalk Historian SE is built on an innovative technology licensed from performance management software developer, OSISoft. FactoryTalk Historian SE enables multiple operators in different locations and/or operating levels, to simultaneously view and analyse historical data.

Operators can view machine data using the FactoryTalk Historian analysis tools, or call it up on FactoryTalk View SE clients using the built-in Native Trending feature.

At the same time, plant-level supervisors can view data for individual machines or complete production lines in real time, enabling them to compare actual production metrics against targets and standards.

Senior management can use the same technology to develop customised executive dashboards that display KPIs or production activity across multiple locations.

Leveraging FactoryTalk Service Orientated Architecture (SOA) data points are only collected and stored in a single location, reducing network loading and saves storage space.

FactoryTalk Historian SE is equipped with DataLink and ProcessBook analysis tools, which deliver advanced levels of functionality. The DataLink tool provides a live link between the FactoryTalk Historian database and Microsoft Excel, which allows users to configure and manage their application using a familiar programme.

This provides users with fast-track access to real-time or historical data from the application. The ProcessBook tool enables users to build collections of display entries that show data from one or more systems, including static and dynamic information from outside sources, such as trends, schematic drawings, laboratory data or specifications.

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