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Rockwell Automation introduces 42CM LaserSight

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Rockwell Automation has introduced 42CM LaserSight. The 42CM LaserSight is a laser-based addition to Rockwell Automation’s photoelectric sensor family. The 42CM LaserSight is ideal for long-range applications, the detection of small objects and the detection of registration marks. Like others in the range, the 42CM is intended for heavy-duty industrial applications in industries such as packaging, assembly, materials handling and automotive.
The 42CM LaserSight offers three sensing modes: transmitted beam, diffuse and polarised retro-reflective, which allows the sensor to be used in a variety of complex applications. In addition, the sensor addresses long-range applications that standard photoelectric sensors cannot, offering sensing ranges of up to 50 metres in transmitted beam, 30 metres in polarised retro-reflective mode and 300 mm at two-times margin for the standard diffuse sensing mode. The eye-safe Class 1 visible red laser simplifies sensor alignment, especially when compared to traditional photosensors that use an invisible infrared beam.
The sensor also features: reverse polarity, output short-circuit and overload protection; a small spot size--0.1 mm at 100-mm sensing distance; NPN or PNP outputs; a fast response time of less than 0.7 milliseconds; rugged 18-mm cylindrical metal housing enclosure rated to IP67; and a two-metre cable or micro QD connector.

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