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Rockwell Automation introduce Allen-Bradley DataSite RTU controllers

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Rockwell Automation  have introduced a new controller with SCADA capabilities that are suitable for remote and harsh environments. Allen-Bradley DataSite remote terminal unit (RTU) can be powered by a solar cell or small wind generator and is a low-power PLC that processes a user program or controls and monitors the operation of other equipment.

The DataSite RTU controller is designed to operate in remote locations with extreme temperatures, such as those found in oil and gas, mining and wastewater industries. The DataSite RTU controller can operate on 12VDC, making it suitable for remote environments that lack mains power and rely on a solar cell or small wind generator to charge a battery. As the DataSite RTU controller consumes less energy, users can reduce the size of solar panels, wind generators and batteries, minimising installation and hardware costs.

The DataSite RTU controller features an advanced 32-bit processor with an embedded real-time, multi-task operating system, as well as serial and Ethernet ports. The DataSite RTU controller has a HART multi-drop port that can monitor up to 13 instruments on a two-wire system, reducing installation time and costs.

Future communication improvements for the DataSite RTU controller include compatibility with EtherNet/IP, a Common Industrial Protocol (CIP) communication network designed for use in industrial environments and time-critical applications.

The DataSite RTU controller is available in an electronic flow meter (EFM) version tailored for natural gas wellhead monitoring and offers firmware designed to calculate natural gas flow. The embedded algorithms of the DataSite RTU controller measure natural gas flow consistently in accordance with accepted standards. The DataSite RTU controller and EFM offer a low-power consumption control solution for extreme temperatures to help companies be profitable.

The DataSite RTU controller features an embedded web server. The embedded web server offers tools for interfacing with controller-based data through a standard web browser to allow users to display device data and act on the controller data remotely over the Internet. As a result of this, a maintenance manager need not directly connect to the device to review status or to modify parameters. It can be done remotely over the Internet.

Rockwell Automation also offer a DataSite RTU controller package that includes a standardised design with multiple options to meet application needs to reduce lead time. Depending on the options selected, the package includes the DataSite RTU or DataSite EFM with I/O terminated on a field-wiring terminal strip, batteries, battery-charging controller, radio modem and antenna mounted in a ‘patch-ready’ enclosure.

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