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Rockwell Automation extends PlantPAx process automation system for higher asset availability and energy savings

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Rockwell Automation  has extended the reach of its PlantPAx process automation system to optimise user uptime and improve profitability by integrating motor control devices into a plant-wide control system.  

The PlantPAx process automation system has been extended to integrate critical rotating assets such as compressors, pumps, turbines and fans, giving users the ability to manage plant-wide operations with a single platform.  

The PlantPAx system combines the company’s core process automation capabilities and technologies with those of partners and acquisitions to deliver an integrated control and information solution for customers.  

Unlike other distributed control systems that require users to manually map data from motor control devices to the control system, the PlantPAx system mirrors the device memory, making data automatically available within the control system.  

Key benefits of PlantPAx process automation system:  

  • Integrates intelligent motor devices into the architecture, enhancing asset availability, operational efficiency and energy management
  • Accesses diagnostic information on any device in the system from any location including motor control centres, drives, compressors, pumps, fans and instrumentation
  • EtherNet/IP network can be used to monitor process conditions such as electric motor current, vibration signatures of key rotating assets and torque signatures of variable speed drives
  • Enables plant engineers to predict potential problems and help avoid equipment downtime
  • Facilitates improved productivity and reduced maintenance costs
  • Mirrors device memory to make data automatically available within the control system
  • Applications can be set up to collect and archive performance data from motor control devices into databases for analysis
  • Convenient data acquisition provides cost savings throughout the lifecycle of the equipment
  • Remote data acquisition helps users avoid electrical hazards, and safely monitor, troubleshoot and diagnose equipment
  • EtherNet/IP network support for redundant systems and Device Level Ring network topology provide a highly available EtherNet/IP network at no additional cost

According to Andrew Sia, Process Solutions Manager, Rockwell Automation, leveraging a single-network architecture to bring operational information from motor control devices into the control system helps engineers extend the life of their mechanical assets and improve their overall configuration, operation and maintenance experience.  

According to the ARC Advisory Group, the PlantPAx system helps lead the trend in the convergence of power and process automation systems, which will result in improved productivity and energy efficiency for end users in metals, mining, cement, power, oil and gas, and pulp and paper industries.

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