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Rockwell Automation extends Allen-Bradley IEC Terminal Block portfolio

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Rockwell Automation  has extended its Allen-Bradley IEC Terminal Block portfolio to provide the industry with increased functionality and installation flexibility, while saving panel space and set up time.

The addition of new models targets faster installation, increased installation flexibility and panel-space savings. The range expansion encompasses the 1492-J series of screw terminal blocks and the 1492-L suite of spring-clamp variants, as well as coloured and interlinked terminal block markers.

For higher-current applications up to 380A, the new 1492-J120, -JG120 and -J240 series, with enclosed terminal block casings, have been added.

To streamline panel design and installation while reducing material costs and wiring time, the 1492-J family allows installation of up to three centre-jumpers across a terminal block line and insertion of in-panel cross connections.

Coloured jumpers are also now available in a variety of pole lengths across the entire range. As part of the range extension, new neutral disconnect and installation IEC terminal blocks provide increased levels of safety. These are suitable for distributed cabinets in commercial building installations, and are increasingly being employed for positive-disconnect applications. Available in both spring-clamp and screw configurations, the terminal blocks incorporate a series of feed-through circuits, ground circuits and circuits with a direct connection to a busbar.

These run the full length of the terminal blocks to a connection block mounted further down the DIN rail to provide an isolated neutral connection. Complementing the enhanced terminal block range is a new selection of coloured and interlinked terminal block markers, which simplify terminal block identification.

The new markers can be interlinked and installed in groups, making them suitable for high-volume feed-through terminal block installations. Interlinking also increases the stability of the marker, minimising the chance of accidental removal of the marker from the terminal block.

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