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RSLogix 5000 version 17 engineering software from Rockwell Automation

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The new version of Rockwell Automation’s comprehensive and multi-functional RSLogix 5000 engineering software brings significantly expanded process control and automation functionality to the Allen-Bradley Logix family of controllers.

Featuring three new advanced process control (APC) function blocks, Rockwell Software RSLogix 5000 version 17 also incorporates a new redundancy module and improvements in system availability.

This new functionality stems from Rockwell Automation’s continued focus on helping process customers improve their operations.

“We have experienced major growth in the adoption of the Rockwell Automation Integrated Architecture in process industries by focusing on the continued expansion of portfolio capabilities,” said Andrew Sia, Business Development Manager for Process Solutions-Asia Pacific.

“For process automation users, the new offerings help improve the control and availability features of the Logix control platform.”

Process users across multiple industries can take advantage of the new APC function blocks. Since these applications have a longer dead time or interaction between multiple I/Os, process users often require a level of control flexibility that is not found in traditional PID-based systems.

The new APC blocks provide compensation for long, dead-time processes and allow simpler multi-variable control with automatic tuning built-in.

Control strategy implementation with the new blocks is straightforward and configuration is done within the RSLogix 5000 version 17 engineering software.

  • Internal model control - Controls a single process variable by manipulating a single output using a predictive algorithm
  • Coordinated control - Manages a single process variable by manipulating as many as three outputs. This technology is well applied when trying to optimise an economic constraint, such as energy consumption, to control multiple process variables
  • Modular multi-variable control - Manages two interacting process variables to target values using up to three control outputs. Similar to coordinated control, this technology can help optimise multiple economic constraints to control multiple process variables

Allen-Bradley Control Logix redundancy configuration is a core offering of the Rockwell Automation process automation system.

The new redundancy module (RM) in RSLogix 5000 version 17 improves the configuration by improving the throughput capacity and switchover time.

Supporting multiple controllers in one chassis, the new redundancy configuration expands the processing capacity to accommodate larger and more complex control projects. User-defined instructions are also supported in the redundancy configuration.

Users needing to deploy, upgrade and maintain continuous process applications--without the risk of downtime will appreciate the runtime partial import feature.

On a running system, users can add programmes, routines and user-defined instructions, and replace existing programmes and routines from the RSLogix 5000 engineering environment. Faster control strategy changes can be made without affecting production.

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