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RSBizWare Batch modules for regulatory compliance

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article image Enhancements to the Rockwell Software RSBizWare Batch modules improve security, audit capabilities and productivity.

FOR improved security, audit capabilities and productivity, Rockwell Automation , has released a series of enhancements to the Rockwell Software RSBizWare Batch modules - the complete process management solution for batch manufacturing.

These enhancements enable manufacturers meet regulatory requirements to build signature templates, add command verification policies and expand functionality for process parameter limits.

RSBizWare Batch supports configurable electronic signatures for both automatic and manual operations, a key requirement for regulatory compliance and data security.

The signatures, stored in the software's Batch Event Journal with corresponding audit events, now include multiple levels of sign-off, comments, security requirements, plus date and time stamps for all activities.

To streamline the setup and maintenance of electronic signatures, RSBizWare Batch now supports signature templates. These save time by predefining the number of sign-offs required, the purpose of each sign-off, whether comments are required and which users have security permissions to complete the sign-off.

With the new command verification features in RSBizWare Batch, process engineers can fully control access to operations and ensure that operators are prompted for signatures when commands are executed.

Pending signature requests associated with the running procedures are listed in RSBizWare Batch and ActiveX screens.

In order to help users with government regulations, RSBizWare Batch requires that batch recipes cannot be archived until the electronic signatures are completed.

The Rockwell Software RSBizWare Batch modules include Batch, eProcedure, MaterialTrack, BatchHistorian and BatchCampaign.

Additional security and audit capabilities within the RSBizWare Batch module include event record timestamps and flexible parameter limits.

Instruction archiving and step reactivation for manual instructions are available in RSBizWare eProcedure, while RSBizWare BatchHistorian comprises several new reports such as operator actions, parameter deviations and material genealogy.

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