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Rockwell Automation’s new Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 40P AC drive offers space savings and application flexibility, basic positioning and Category 3 Safe-off protection to OEMs and end-users. The drive features encoder or pulse train input, allowing configured closed-loop control for improved speed regulation, basic position control or other pulse inputs for motor control.

With the use of the StepLogic function, the PowerFlex 40P AC drive can act as an independent position controller for simple time, digital input or communications-based index positioning applications, eliminating the need for a separate position controller. In effect, the PowerFlex 40P drive reduces changeover time by allowing the drive to control the application position parameters.

The PowerFlex 40P drive, which is available in 240, 480 and 600 volts with power ratings from 0.4kW to 11kW, also features an optional DriveGuard safety relay, providing a certified solution that meets the relevant Australian Standard, Category 3 (Safe-off and protection against restart). As a result, this is the first drive in its class to offer a safety solution integrated with the product, reducing external hardware costs and simplifying wiring. Safe-off allows the user to shut down a section of an application for maintenance, keeping the remaining sections running, without removing power to the drive and I/O.

PowerFlex 40P AC drives are cost-effective alternatives for speed control or basic positioning of applications such as diverters, smart conveyors, packaging machines and palletisers.

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