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Power meter expands energy management

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article image Allen-Bradley’s Powermonitor 3000 M6.

ROCKWELL Automation has added the Allen-Bradley Powermonitor 3000 M6 power quality meter to its power and energy management solutions package.

The Powermonitor is a micro-processor based monitoring and control device suitable for a wide range of applications, including emergency load shedding, demand management, load profiling or power quality monitoring.

It provides the means to carry out a range of precision measurements of incoming power parameters. Combined with Rockwell Software power management software, Allen-Bradley power metering hardware, and a networking interface, the Powermonitor 3000 M6 can realise the widest energy management solutions.

Consisting of a master module and optional display module, it is compact in size, ensuring easy installation in almost any energy management program.

The master module mounts into existing switchgear or motor control centres (MCCs), while the optional display module fits into existing 100 millimetre instrument cutouts.

Each Powermonitor comes standard with an RS485 (DF-1) communication port, along with the facility to accept one additional factory-installed communications option for either DeviceNet, ethernet, remote I/O or RS232 (DF-1).

As a result, networking of the monitor can be realised simply and easily, without the use of cumbersome serial interface bridges. The unit's ethernet communication card features a built-in HTML web page, providing remote access to power and energy data.

The Powermonitor 3000 M6 features simultaneous high-speed oscillography on all seven channels, captured in non-volatile memory at up to 412 cycles per capture.

The unit also offers harmonic analysis capability up to the 41st harmonic and real-time power monitoring with 50 millisecond selectable update rates.

For long term data tracking, it also provides configurable snapshot data logs that store more than 45,000 data points and event logs that are 100 records deep. Rockwell Automation 03 9896 0300.

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