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Photoelectric sensors detect clear objects

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article image Detects clear materials.

RELIABLE detection of clear materials, such as glass and plastic bottles or films, is most challenging for photoelectric sensors.

Low contrast, shape variations and wet environments can affect proper sensor response.

With the introduction of the ClearSight RightSight photoelectric sensor, Rockwell Automation , now offers four clear-object detection photoelectric sensors to satisfy a variety of applications.

Using the same housing as the existing RightSight photoelectric sensor, the ClearSight RightSight sensor boasts a range of features: compact right-angled housing with industry-standard 18mm form factor, 1.2m sensing distance, IP67 with 1200-psi wash-down capability and both ac and dc models.

Specifically designed for use in diverse industrial environments, the complete ClearSight photoelectric sensor range offers ultimate flexibility.

The ClearSight 9000 and 10,000 models are ideal for harsh wet environments.

For general purpose, clear object detection such as packaging applications, the ClearSight RightSight and ClearSight 7000 provide economical and reliable solutions.

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