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article image The SMC-3 motor controller.

ROCKWELL Automation Australia has unveiled two of the most advanced motor protection products in their class -- the Allen-Bradley Bulletin 150 SMC-3 and SMC-Delta smart motor controllers to provide users with increased motor performance, flexibility and functionality.

Providing integrated features and advanced functionality previously unavailable in a compact 45mm housing, the SMC-3 and SMC-Delta controllers offer flexible, cost-efficient solutions for a wide range of motor control applications.

The SMC-3 offers intelligent soft-starting and motor protection functionality in a compact, 45mm footprint.

This true three-phase controlling device incorporates standard electronic overload protection with adjustable trip class, advanced motor and system diagnostics, configurable auxiliary contacts, and multiple start and stop modes.

The SMC-3 is designed for optimal control of standard squirrel-cage induction motors. Overload protection options include a choice of trip classes (10, 15, 20, or OFF) and selectable overload reset (manual or automatic).

Fault diagnostics include over-temperature, phase loss/load loss, phase reversal, phase imbalance and shorted silicon-controlled rectifiers (SCRs).

DIP switches allow easy, precise, and secure setting of the start/stop profile, overload trip class, and auxiliary contact characteristics.

The Allen-Bradley SMC-Delta is a reduced voltage starter for star-delta (six-connection motor) applications, incorporating a transitionless start and requiring only one-third of the panel space of a traditional electromechanical star-delta starter.

The starter combines the functionality of contactors, overload relays, timers, and internal power and control wiring into a single compact-footprint product, making installation quick and easy.

The SMC-Delta incorporates six motor winding terminations, ensuring the simplest wiring, setup and maintenance of star-delta motors, plus 'no fuss' upgrades of existing star-delta applications.

Designed for flexibility and modularity, the SMC-Delta allows one device to be configured for many applications including compressors, fans, chillers, lifts, pumps and crushers. Rockwell Automation 03 9896 0300.

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