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New modules for Point I/O family

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article image Allen-Bradley ‘s new Point I/O modules.

EIGHT new I/O modules have been added to the Allen-Bradley Point I/O family, demonstrating a continued trend toward more functionality in smaller control packages.

Now available from Rockwell Automation , the modules include cost-effective and flexible options for digital, analog, thermocouple and resistance temperature detectors (RTD) control applications.

The new specialty modules offer terminal bases with removable terminal strips, low-count I/O modules and networking interfaces that can be snapped together to meet the exact needs of an application.

They also eliminate the costs of unused I/O and reduce the size of the local panel at the field device location.

In contrast to other 'just enough' I/O solutions, Point I/O includes unique value-add features such as a gold-plated backplane connections for trouble free circuit integrity, wire-off indication, and point-level diagnostics.

The range of new Allen-Bradley Point I/O modules includes:

· Digital output modules. The 1734-OV2E, -OV4E are two or four-channel 24V dc sinking output modules, while the 1734-OB2EP and -OX2 are two-channel output modules offering 24V dc/2 amp sourcing outputs or relay contacts.

· Analog I/O modules. The 1734-IE2V and 1734-OE2V are two-channel input and output analog modules that add voltage capability to the product's analog functionality. The new modules help provide a highly granular and cost-effective interface to analog voltage field devices located more than 6 metres from the system controller.

· Thermocouple input module. The 1734-IT2I is a two-channel isolated thermocouple input module capable of linearising many thermocouple types to degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit. Each channel is individually isolated to reduce grounding and noise issues, and can be configured independently, while having its own status and fault bits.

· RTD input module. The 1734-IR2 is a two-channel RTD input capable of linearising platinum, nickel or copper RTDs to degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit. Each channel can be configured independently, and has its own status and fault bits.

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