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New dual-port EtherNet/IP I/O adapters help improve user experience

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article image 1749 FLEX I/O Dual-Port EtherNet/IP Communication Adapter Module
Rockwell Automation  presents the Allen-Bradley FLEX I/O dual-port EtherNet/IP communication adapters that simplify network design and increase network resiliency.
Suitable for OEMs, system integrators and end users with demanding applications, the new Allen-Bradley FLEX I/O dual-port EtherNet/IP adapters assist with connecting the OEM’s machines to their end customers’ IT infrastructures using a single network. The dual ports also allow users to leverage the adapter to display diagnostics via a simple web browser, helping to reduce troubleshooting and downtime.
The new EtherNet/IP adapters support a DLR topology, which provides robust network infrastructure and extremely fast recovery time while keeping implementation cost down. With DLR infrastructures connected at the end device, there is no need for unnecessary switches and cabling, enabling users to reduce design time and simplify implementation.
The DLR also adds a measure of redundancy during connection failures such as a single network failure wherein a cable break will not lead to the failure of the other devices in the ring. A DLR network can recover in less than 3 milliseconds for a 50-node system without interrupting the connection between the programmable automation controller and the I/O device. The adapters also support the daisy-chain topology for applications that involve devices located long distances from CPU subsystems.

The Allen-Bradley I/O adapters (1794-AENTR and 1794-AENTRXT for extreme environments) are compatible with Rockwell Software products including RSLogix 5000 programming software version 16 and higher, and RSLinx version 2.58 and higher. The adapters can also connect up to eight FLEX I/O modules.

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