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article image The modular MSR300 safety relay system.

THE Allen-Bradley Guardmaster MSR300 family of modular safety relays from Rockwell Automation provides safety monitoring and control for multiple I/O systems comprising up to three separate zones.

Extending the company's range of industrial safety products, the MSR300 family enables quick and easy tailoring of safety control systems, while satisfying stringent industrial safety requirements.

Certified to Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 3 and Category 4, the MSR300 family comprises four separate modules--base, input, output, and muting.

Centred on a single base unit, the system may be configured into a wide variety of combinations. As a result, the MSR300 system can support safety control ranging from the most simple, through to larger, more complicated safety systems.

A fully utilised MSR300 system can control up to three independent zones with up to 20 input devices (e-stops/gates/safety mats/light-curtains) and 18 outputs.

According to Rockwell Automation product manager--safety, Gary Milburn, the modular MSR300 system offers unprecedented scalability and is easily customised. Dual redundant rotary switches located on the side of the input modules facilitate system customisation.

"The input modules actually configure the base module, which, in turn, stores the configuration information in non-volatile memory," Milburn explains. "The type of inputs connected, and the outputs or zones those inputs control, are all selected via the input module rotary switches."

The MSR300's easy-to-use rotary switch system delivers basic logic functionality and provides a straightforward alternative to expensive programming software.

"Costs normally associated with programming and training can be greatly reduced by utilising the software-free configuration of the MSR300 system," Milburn said.

The MSR300 system's easy-to-read LED indicators provide straightforward system diagnostics, allowing users to determine 'at-a-glance' which input is open or faulted, and which output group is active.

Also included in the system are muting modules. These are ideal for applications where a portion of the input devices need to be temporarily disabled, such as light-curtain applications. Output modules with independent and redundant output contacts complete the MSR300 suite.

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