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The Allen-Bradley® Micro800™ Control Systems are easy to install and maintain, as one software package applies to the entire family. These systems offer just enough control for lower-cost, stand-alone machines.  

Versatile range of Allen-Bradley® Micro800™ Control Systems to suit specific needs

  • Micro810 Controllers function as smart relays with high-current relay outputs but still offers the programming capabilities of micro-PLCs
  • Micro830 Controllers are designed for a stand-alone machine control applications that requires flexible communications and I/O capabilities
  • Micro850 Controllers are designed for larger stand-alone machine control applications that require flexible communications and greater I/O capabilities
  • Micro800 Plug-in Modules adapts the base unit controller to fit your application needs
  • Micro850 Expansion I/O Modules extends the capabilities of the Micro850 controllers by maximising flexibility of the I/O count and type
  • Connected Components Workbench Software supports the Mirco800 controllers and several of the Allen-Bradley component-class products in your small machine. Program controllers, configure devices and design HMI screens using Connected Components Workbench Software

Typical Applications for Allen-Bradley® Micro800™ Control Systems

The Micro810™ controllers support the following applications:

  • Compressor control
  • Elevator control
  • Heating and cooling
  • Lighting control

The Micro830™ controllers support the following applications:

  • Material handling
  • Packaging
  • Solar panel positioning

The Micro850™ controllers support the following applications:

  • Conveyors
  • Cutting
  • Material handling
  • Sorters
  • Packaging
  • Solar panel positioning
  • Vertical form, fill, and seal

The Allen-Bradley® Micro800™ Control Systems offers a wide range of controllers to suit the functionality you need or use plug-in modules to personalise your system for specific applications.

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