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Machinery vibration monitoring module

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article image Detect problems before they become issues.

THE Allen-Bradley XM-160 series of overall machinery vibration modules allows plant engineering and maintenance personnel to continuously--and cost-effectively-- monitor and protect critical plant-floor assets.

A recent addition to the Allen-Bradley XM series of intelligent, distributed I/O modules, the XM-160 series is a complete and networked solution for detecting system deterioration.

Available from Rockwell Automation , the modules provide maintenance departments with the intelligence necessary to correct issues before productivity is impacted.

Positioned as stand-alone monitors, or as part of a broader networked solution, the XM-160 series can be deployed on an open, standard industrial bus.

Modules can be integrated easily with DeviceNet and other XM protection modules, PLCs, distributed control systems and conditioning monitoring systems, and display devices.

Specifically, the Allen-Bradley XM-160, XM-161 and XM-162 modules support applications requiring real-time monitoring of overall vibration levels.

The modules are compact, easy to install and easy to maintain. Each measures and reports the overall vibration level between selected high and low pass filters, as well as the bias (gap) voltage per channel.

For stand-alone applications, the XM-160 series includes comprehensive alarm logic per channel. It also supports the linking of up to two XM-441 expansion relay modules, providing a total capacity of up to eight relays.

The XM-161 overall vibration module offers the same capabilities as the standard XM-160, but also includes a 4-20mA output for each channel. The XM-162 incorporates a dc power supply suitable for powering standard -24V eddy current (proximity) probe drivers.

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