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M.G. Bryan pioneers cloud computing asset performance management system

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A heavy equipment OEM, supported by Rockwell Automation and Microsoft is piloting a system that uses Windows Azure for remote management of high-tech oil and gas equipment.
The leading heavy equipment and machinery OEM for the oil and gas industry, M.G. Bryan Equipment Co. is using cloud computing for remote asset management of high-tech fracturing equipment. Designed and integrated with Rockwell Automation, M.G. Bryan’s new equipment’s control and information system leverages Microsoft’s Windows Azure cloud-computing platform to help provide secure remote access to real-time information, automated maintenance alerts, and service and parts delivery requests.
Rockwell Automation helped M.G. Bryan design a simple, user-friendly system using the cloud to improve productivity and business intelligence.
Hydraulic fracturing releases petroleum or natural gas from reservoir rock for extraction. President of M.G. Bryan, Matt Bryan explains that fracturing vehicles operate in extreme, isolated environments where they typically require new oil filters every 200 hours and complete engine rebuilds after 4,000 to 5,000 hours of service. Leveraging the cloud allows the company to cost-effectively keep tabs on their equipment and help customers maximise asset uptime to dramatically improve their ROI.
Rockwell Automation upgraded M.G. Bryan’s fracturing equipment with a tightly integrated control and information system that brings together disparate information sources including historical, relational and transactional data. Rockwell Automation turned to cloud computing for seamless transfer of business information, allowing M.G. Bryan access to a higher degree of connected intelligence, and enabling new levels of customer service.
According to Sujeet Chand, Chief Technology Officer, Rockwell Automation, their alliance with Microsoft explores industrial uses for the cloud to open the door for customer innovations. The cloud offers a highly scalable, cost-efficient method to M.G. Bryan for storing and remotely accessing real-time information that will help extend equipment lifecycles and optimise productivity.
Rockwell Automation leverages Microsoft’s Discrete Industry Reference Architecture by focusing on building solutions that consider productivity, user-friendliness and connected intelligence in a scalable platform. With the new system, data can be pulled from the cloud via mobile devices and web browsers to produce reports and dashboards on the condition of individual vehicles’ drivetrains and on hydraulic fracturing performance, as well as process performance and maintenance trends related to entire fleets.

The flexibility and scalability of cloud computing will help M.G. Bryan offer holistic operations management to its rapidly expanding fleet of vehicles.

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