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It's 'run-time' with Rockwell software

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ROCKWELL Automation has announced the latest addition to the RSView Enterprise Series -- RSView Supervisory Edition -- a new multi-user, distributed-server human-machine interface solution.

The RSView Enterprise Series is a new suite of HMI run-time and development tools comprising RSView Supervisory Edition run-time software, the HMI machine-level run-time software RSView Machine Edition, and the PC-based development tool RSView Studio.

Features of the new RSView Supervisory Edition include:

· Distributed architecture: Unlike other HMI programs, RSView Supervisory Edition's client-server architecture permits access to multiple servers from multiple clients, which helps reduce HMI capital and development costs. Similarly, the RSView Studio design-time environment can be hosted on any network computer to support multiple developers working on the same application.

· Common design environment: The two run-time software packages--RSView Supervisory Edition and RSView Machine Edition--share a common design environment (RSView Studio). RS View Studio supports editing and reusing projects for improved portability between embedded machine and supervisory HMI systems. To share applications and components between operating environments, users simply drop and drag screens, saving development time and reducing engineering and training costs.

· Preferred connectivity: RSView Supervisory Edition is founded on a new open software platform that allows it to integrate seamlessly with other Rockwell Automation products. As a result, RSView Supervisory Edition's features a 'create tag once' database. RSView Supervisory Edition can directly reference the controller database--duplicate databases are not required and changes made in the controller database are automatically reflected in the RSView Supervisory Edition database.

RSView Supervisory Edition also supports 'data server redundancy' -- if it loses communication from the Rockwell Software RSLinx or OPC data server, it can switch to an alternate data server, ensuring access to critical information. Rockwell Automation 03 9896 0300.

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