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article image Allen-Bradley Kinetix 6000 servo drive.

THE new Allen-Bradley Kinetix 6000 servo drive series from Rockwell Automation is designed to significantly lower total machine costs in multi-axis applications, with savings extending beyond the drive itself.

The savings result from the drive's modular design, compact size, reduced wiring and simplified programming, operation and diagnostics.

The Kinetix 6000 drive is a key element of the Kinetix integrated motion control solution, which includes the Allen-Bradley ControlLogix controller, SERCOS interface module, Allen-Bradley servo drives and motors, and actuators from Rockwell Automation Encompass Partner companies.

The new drive series features a SERCOS digital interface between the drive and controller, replacing the costly discrete wiring traditionally required with analogue drives.

A single fibre optic link eliminates up to 18 discrete wires per axis and prevents phasing and electrical noise immunity issues often associated with discrete wiring.

The drives' advanced control capabilities provide greater precision and product throughput, ensuring increased productivity. Built-in smart motor technology provides automatic identification of specific motor configurations for integration with Kinetix 6000 drives, reducing commissioning time and safeguarding against incompatible motor replacement.

A feature of the Kinetix drive series is the innovative 'Power Rail' mounting and wiring system--a system that replaces traditional dc bus bars, DIN rails or fasteners, auxiliary power wires and inter-module cabling.

The Power Rail system reduces wiring, resulting in fast, uncomplicated design and installation, and ensuring appropriate drive connectivity and earthing.

Modular in design, Power Rail supports between one and eight motion axes, depending on application needs, and requires only five bolts to mount up to eight servo modules.

The form factor of the Kinetix 6000 drive modules is compact -- the 230V unit is just 185mm deep, and the 460V unit is just 260mm deep, allowing drives to fit easily into standard 200mm or 300mm deep enclosures.

The smaller module size, combined with other space-saving design features, results in drive enclosures that are up to 50 percent smaller than those required for competing 230V to 460V drives.

The new drives offer a velocity bandwidth greater than 400Hz and a current-loop bandwidth greater than 1,300Hz -- double the performance of similar products. In addition, the ability to handle all global voltage requirements allows the Kinetix 6000 to effectively meet worldwide motion control needs.

An optional line interface module (LIM) is also available for the Kinetix 6000. This replaces discrete wiring links with a compact module, greatly reducing wiring costs and space requirements.

In one, easy-to-use module, the LIM provides circuit breakers, safety contactors, CE filters, 24V motor brake power, 24V dc input/output power, 220V ac auxiliary control power and all required connection wiring.

This single module replaces nine separate components and eliminates up to 72 wire terminations.

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