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Industry Q&A: Rockwell Automation's manager Asia Pacific, Technical Support Centre, Andy Pearson Part One

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Ferret sits down with Rockwell Automation's Andy Pearson to discuss the industry, his role, and the future of automation.

Ferret: What are your primary roles and responsibilities in your job? Give us a day in your working life.

Andy Pearson: I am the Remote Support Services Centre Manager for the Asia-Pacific region for Rockwell Automation. In this role, I manage a team that provides technical assistance to Rockwell Automation customers. The support takes place by telephone, email or through online chat services.

We provide this service by use of our extensive knowledge of the services and products provided by Rockwell Automation and by utilising our global technical support database. We also provide support to our in house global technical teams working in the automation space.

We have three remote support centres in the region. I operate out of our Melbourne centre, but I am also responsible for two other centres, in Shanghai and India.

My primary role is to manage the operations at these centres and make sure we have the required technical competency and resources available to support our customers.  The Asia support centre also forms part of our global “Follow the Sun” service which offers 24/7 support for our customers by also utilising our support centres in Europe and the Americas

Ferret: What training/education did you need for your job?

Andy Pearson: I’m originally from the United Kingdom. I started my career as an electrical apprentice for Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI). I studied Electrical / Electronic Engineering at Teesside University in the UK. Since then, I’ve also taken many development courses in automation technology, business, leadership and project management. I am a certified Project Management professional.

Ferret: How did you get to where you are today? 

Andy Pearson: I started as an electrical apprentice with ICI before moving into electrical design engineering for the ICI engineering design office. Eventually I joined a system integration group in the UK where I started to specialise in Automation Engineering.

I have worked on many automation projects as a Project Engineer and then Project Manager in the UK, Europe and Asia Pacific.

In 1996, I immigrated with my family to New Zealand, which is where I joined Rockwell Automation. My first role with Rockwell Automation was as a project engineer/project manager running automation projects as part of the solution delivery group.

I was offered the opportunity to manage a large facilities management project for the semiconductor industry in Malaysia. Whilst working on that project, which lasted about a year, Rockwell Automation asked me to take over the Solution Delivery team in South-East Asia, which was more of a business management role. I was in that position for 10 years before I moved to Melbourne to manage the Asia Pacific Technical Support Centre two years ago.

Ferret: What tools and/or software do you use on a daily basis?

Andy Pearson: The primary software tool we use is the SAP CRM module. With this software every interaction we have with our customers, colleagues and partners is documented in a service ticket.  We document everything to the industry standard, Knowledge Centered Support methodology (KCS).

We use the standards so that a documented solution can be used globally for the benefit of all our customers. It is accessible through our global knowledge base solution, Rockwell Automation Support Centre.

FerretWhat is the one thing that you are most proud of in your professional life? 

Andy Pearson: During the period I spent in Southeast Asia as a solution business manager, I helped build a project delivery team capable of delivering diverse automation solutions across multiple countries. That’s something I am most proud of during my time with Rockwell Automation, helping to build up the Solution Delivery business in Southeast Asia.

This concludes the first half of our interview with Rockwell Automation's Andy Pearson, to read the conclusion to the article, click here.

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