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Industrially-hardened I/O system

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article image Industrially-hardened I/O system designed for direct on-machine mounting.

ROCKWELL Automation has released the Allen-Bradley ArmorPoint I/O line, a modular, 24V dc, industrially-hardened I/O system designed for direct on-machine mounting. It provides one to eight-channel I/O granularity and has an IP67 enclosure rating.

ArmorPoint I/O provides all the flexibility, scalability and granularity of Point I/O. Its sealed housing eliminates the need for additional I/O enclosures and allows optimal distribution of the I/O at the machine level. By facilitating direct machine mounting of I/O it reduces cabling and installation costs, streamlines maintenance and fault finding, and improves machine availability and uptime.

The line includes 30 I/O modules and communications adapters. The series offers a range of module types, including dc, ac, digital, relay, analogue, counters, encoders and serial interfaces. ArmorPoint communications adapters include DeviceNet, ControlNet, Profibus DP and also EtherNet/IP. Using the EtherNet/IP adapter, a total of 63 ArmorPoint I/O modules can be assembled in single EtherNet/IP node, allowing direct communication to the ArmorPoint I/O module from a PC for data monitoring and collection.

ArmorPoint's module latching mechanism, coupled with the line's removal and insertion under power (RIUP) feature, allows no-fuss screwless module replacement. Its fast change-of-state (COS) connections maximise I/O performance, with polling available in the configuration mode.

Enhanced installation flexibility can be achieved using the ArmorPoint backplane extension cable and I/O expansion power unit. The backplane extension cable allows a single I/O node to be distributed over greater distances, rather than localised to one physical space. Up to four cabling segments can be deployed, with extension cables available in 1m or 3m lengths. As a result, a single node can be extended across a range of up to 12m.

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