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Industrially hardened modular I/O system

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article image Allen-Bradley FlexArmor I/O.

THE newest member of Rockwell Automation's distributed I/O family of products--Allen-Bradley FlexArmor I/O--is an expandable, industrially hardened I/O platform.

Designed for users seeking to machine-mount their I/O and further reduce wiring, installation time and enclosure costs, FlexArmor combines the convenience of DeviceNet communications and expandable I/O in a cost-saving, IP65/67 industrially hardened package.

The Allen-Bradley FlexArmor platform is available with a variety of rigid mounting base plates, all of which accommodate the communication adaptors, network/power connections via the separate Field Termination Plug (FTP), and a range of different I/O module types.

With a choice of two, four, six and eight slot base plates, users are afforded the flexibility to 'tune' the FlexArmor I/O platform to their application requirements.

Unlike other hardened, expandable block I/O solutions, once the base plate is mounted to the machine the unique design of FlexArmor allows the user to simply 'snap on' I/O adaptors and modules without the need for tools. The innovative module locking clip and optional retaining screws can further secure I/O modules.

FlexArmor offers other cost-saving advantages:

· Reduction of wiring and installation costs: By mounting I/O platform and field devices directly on the machine, the need for I/O enclosure wiring is removed and sensor/actuator wiring runs are reduced.

· Quick-disconnect (QD) connectors: FlexArmor's sealed QD connectors help eliminate mis-wiring, and are designed to work with industry-standard cables, cord sets and sensors.

· Diagnostics: FlexArmor's clear indicators for network, module and device-level diagnostics help users reduce troubleshooting time and maintain system up-time. Status and diagnostic information is reported back over the network and can be used for alarming, annunciation or systematic shutdown during fault conditions.

· Remove/insert under power (RIUP): The RIUP feature enables I/O platform maintenance (such as troubleshooting and component replacement) during run-time, without interruption to system, network, or node operation.

FlexArmor can be replaced/removed from the DeviceNet network with uninterrupted network/system operation without impact to other network devices. Rockwell Automation 03 9896 0300.

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