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article image The Entek Sentinel vibration monitor.

ROCKWELL Automation Australia has introduced the Entek Sentinel to provide cost-effective and continuous vibration monitoring and protection for industrial machinery.

The Sentinel can be placed directly on a vibrating surface to ensure machines operate within acceptable limits, or to alert plant personnel of potentially harmful levels of vibration.

Most commonly applied to machines such as industrial centrifuges and rock grinders, the Sentinel's rugged design can withstand even the harshest environments.

Its rugged, all-in-one construction makes it particularly well suited for applications where dirt and grime may interfere with operations.

The single-channel Entek Sentinel is ideal for field applications where a simple mechanical vibration switch is insufficient, yet a more comprehensive and expensive monitoring system is not necessary.

Used in both attended and remote locations, the Sentinel can be configured as a stand-alone unit; or it can also be integrated within a control system via its relay, standard (4-20mA) or buffered outputs.

"In industries where continuous performance directly affects profitability, an unplanned shutdown can result in significant lost revenue," Rockwell Automation product manager Adem Adil said.

"By monitoring the vibration level of machinery, the Sentinel can help end-users maximise the productivity of their assets. It helps our customers keep their equipment running, maintain output levels and meet production deadlines."

All Sentinel parts - including its microchip-based accelerometer - are contained in an extremely durable enclosure, making it more cost-effective than using external monitoring components.

The unit is designed to withstand temperatures from -30 to 70°C and continuous vibration up to 50g.

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