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THE Ultra3000 digital servo drives are a new series of high-performance single-axis drives strengthening the flexibility and connectivity capability of the popular Allen-Bradley Ultra family, available from Rockwell Automation .

Built upon the application-proven Ultra 100 drive series, the Ultra3000 servo drive offers extended capabilities such as enhanced homing routines, programmable limit switches (PLS), and high performance encoder and seamless linear motor support.

It will continue to provide analog command control, preset speed and torque control, and master/follower operation.

The Ultra3000i combines the features of the Ultra3000 series with a powerful positioning capability. The enhanced flexibility and connectivity of the Ultra3000 and Ultra3000i allow them to be used in a wide range of motion control applications--ensuring increased flexibility and machine performance, while lowering overall automation costs.

The Ultra3000i stores up to 64 user-configurable indexes that can be used for incremental moves, absolute positioning or sensor-based motion. Moves can be easily combined to allow continuous motion between indexes without going through zero speed.

The enhanced indexing capabilities of the Ultra3000i eliminates the need for a command source that is typically provided by separate motion controllers, thereby simplifying the total system and reducing costs.

The Ultra3000 digital servo drives also have the ability to accept absolute and high-resolution (2,000,000+ line count) feedback. Absolute feedback enables a machine to maintain position information even when power is interrupted, eliminating the need for expensive and time-consuming machine homing routines.

High-resolution encoder feedback, on the other hand, provides more accurate positioning and smoother operation.

System integration with the Ultra3000 is easy. The entire Ultra family uses the new Windows-based Ultraware software, which provides comprehensive commissioning and diagnostic tools.

The initial models of the Ultra3000 and Ultra3000i will have a 100-240V ac input range. However, there are plans to further boost the input range of the Ultra3000 to 350-500V ac in the near future, extending the power range to 0.5-22kW.

Additional networking capabilities are planned for the Ultra3000 in 2001, including SERCOS interface and DeviceNet.

This enhanced connectivity will allow the Ultra3000 to realise a fully integrated motion solution featuring the powerful Logix architecture with SERCOS connectivity, or to use an indexing drive to perform simple motion via DeviceNet.

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