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Guardmaster MSR178DP available from Rockwell Automation

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An automation technology group, Rockwell Automation, has unveiled a new fully configurable safety relay timer that offers unprecedented functionality and flexibility, the Allen-Bradley Guardmaster MSR178DP.

Easily configured, the MSR178DP safety relay timer provides users with multiple operation mode/time range combination options, as well as a choice of supply voltages - all in one package.

The new Allen-Bradley Guardmaster MSR178DP features three modes of operation on-delay, off-delay and single-pulse, over four time ranges up to 30 minutes, making Guardmaster MSR178DP ideal for a wide range of safety applications.

Operation mode selection is achieved via simple installation of jumpers across the relay’s removable coded terminals. Time range is selected via the potentiometer, located on the relay’s exterior.

Conforming to SIL3 and Category 4 requirements, the new relay complies with EN50156-1 Electrical Equipment for Furnaces and Ancillary Equipment, as well as relevant machine safety standards, including AS4024.1-2006 Safety of machinery.

The Allen-Bradley Guardmaster MSR178DP can be used as a stand-alone control module, or in combination with other MSR safety relays, to combine multiple instant and delayed safety outputs.

Featuring three normally open safety outputs, and one safety or two auxiliary normally closed outputs, the MSR178DP is equipped to meet a variety of safety application requirements, including guard-locking interlock switches, enabling switches, two-hand control, jogging/inching control and light curtains.

The MSR178DP also boasts supply voltage flexibility, as it can be powered by either 24V AC/DC, 115V AC or 230V AC supply voltages. This allows users to achieve high levels of safety protection, while simplifying inventory.

Allen-Bradley Guardmaster MSR178DP is encased in IP40-rated polyamide housings, for protection against shock and vibration, and offers convenient 35mm DIN rail mounting capabilities.

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