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Enhanced motor protection and control

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OEMs and panel builders who need compact, high-performance motor control and protection solutions will be drawn to Rockwell Automation's new Allen-Bradley Modular Control System (MCS) Plus line.

MCS Plus is an expansion of the current MCS range that offers enhanced motor protection and control capabilities, and increased ratings ranging from 5A through 1200A.

The entire MCS family is electrically and dimensionally coordinated, simplifying panel layout and assembly, and ensuring users meet the widest range of applications with a minimum of components.

Components within the MCS Plus line include circuit breakers, contactors, overload relays, mounting systems and configuration software that simplify integration and design.

Packing high-performance in a compact, modular design, MCS Plus products offer simple and flexible installation with a choice of mounting options.

These include panel mount, standard busbar, and exclusive 'ISO' (Isolating) bus bar configurations, which ensures the user is isolated from the busbar when the component is removed.

All MCS Plus products meet global standards and certification requirements. MCS Plus components include:

* The Bulletin 140M motor protection circuit breakers, offering expanded motor protection (up to 225 kW at 415V) with functions to meet global requirements for motor protection. For OEMs exporting control panels to the USA, these products are UL approved for both short-circuit and overload protection. They are ideal for use in two component starter solutions.

* The Bulletin 140U moulded case circuit breakers, providing advanced feeder distribution and branch circuit protection with ratings from 125A to 1200A. The moulded case design reduces panel space and offers the industry's highest interrupt ratings per frame.

* The Bulletin 100-D contactors, extending the current MCS line with contactors ranging from 95A to 860A in three frame sizes. Features include enclosure protection to IP20, optional power terminations, common interlocks and electronic coils with PLC interface operation.

* The Bulletin 100S-D safety contactors, available in ratings ranging from 95A to 860A. The 100S-D contactors provide safe, reliable isolation of hazardous motion loads in modern safety circuits. Auxiliary contacts 'mirror' the main contacts to provide accurate indication of the contactor's main power pole status (open/closed or welded).

* The Bulletin 193-E overload relays, offering direct connection to the100-D Contactors for quick installation and efficient panel space use. Built-in DeviceNet communication provides immediate access to motor performance data, diagnostics and control functions.

* The Bulletin 141A mounting system, offering a wide range of modular IEC motor control and protection solutions. The modular system offers combinations for feeding and protecting a busbar system, including the exclusive 'ISO' bus bar modules.

The MCS star configuration software provides a user-friendly PC-based aid for designing electrical control systems using MCS components.

Users can design systems according to IEC or UL/CSA/NEC requirements and can draw on a global selection of motor and control voltages; assemble the entire bill-of-material into a structured order; view/print dimension panel layout drawings and export the designs into CAD packages via the DXF output format.

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