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Display screen upgrade service from Rockwell Automation

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Rockwell Automation  has introduced a display screen upgrade service that extends the total life-cycle of the Allen-Bradley PanelView 1400e human-machine interface (HMI).

The straightforward replacement of aging PanelView 1400e cathode ray tubes (CRTs) with liquid crystal displays (LCDs) provides an economic alternative to installing completely new HMI systems, and extends the life of the PanelView 1400e considerably.

LCDs have a number of distinct advantages over CRT displays. CRTs will typically run for around 20,000 hours, whereas LCDs will maintain adequate brightness for approximately 50,000 hours. LCDs use lower voltages than CRTs and operate on one-third of the power--running costs are reduced accordingly. Visual performance is superior too, as LCDs reduce glare, distortion and are always focussed. These characteristics are complemented by a larger viewing area.

As CRT displays age, image burn can become a problem, particularly in industrial environments where it is often necessary to leave the screen switched on continuously. LCDs do not suffer from this problem. In addition, degaussing is not required, and there is no generation of electromagnetic interference (EMI).

Recognising the advantages in changing over to LCD displays, Rockwell Automation now provides a dedicated PanelView 1400e upgrade service.

The old CRT display is returned to Rockwell Automation and the upgrade is carried out in a controlled environment. The display chassis and the facia plate are retained, with no change to their dimensions, while the CRT and the supporting electronics are replaced.

In contrast to new installations, only display hardware is involved--there is no requirement to upgrade the existing HMI software and operating system.

The upgraded PanelView 1400e operates in exactly the same way as the original. The only difference is that the LCD, with all its advantages, has replaced the CRT display. The lifetime of the HMI is extended, and provided the upgrade is carried out by authorised Rockwell Automation technicians, an ‘as new’ warranty applies. The upgrade provides an attractive alternative to replacing the plant’s entire HMI systems.

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