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Digital interface for ControlLogix

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article image High speed serial communications.

ALLEN-Bradley ControlLogix is now available with a SERCOS (SErial Real-time COmmunications System) digital interface, a new internationally-standardised means for realising high-speed serial communications between intelligent digital servo drives and controllers.

The in-built, fully integrated motion control capabilities of ControlLogix are enhanced even further by the SERCOS interface, which provides full digital connectivity between the controller and multiple servo drives via a noise-immune fibre optic link.

"SERCOS enables the servo drives to be treated essentially as part of the controller," Rockwell Automation's Eugene Mayevsky said. "The whole system can then be configured using a single point of programming."

For all ControlLogix applications, RSLogix 5000 programming software enables complete integration of sequential and motion control, eliminating the need for multiple programming tools.

Use of the SERCOS interface module extends that capability to the connected servo drives, providing seamless connectivity and complete remote configuration and diagnostics support.

Motion axes and drives can be added and configured using the software's wizard-based configuration dialogue boxes; while simple and complex motion profiles can be created using RSLogix 5000's extensive library of motion instructions, including the advanced graphical profile editor.

The digital fibre-optic link also significantly reduces installation time by eliminating the costly discrete wiring required to connect traditional analog servo drives; as well as abolishing potential phasing errors and other electrical connection problems frequently associated with discrete wiring.

The Allen-Bradley ULTRA 3000 single axis and 1394 multi-axis servo drives are fully optimised to work with the ControlLogix SERCOS interface module.

Both drives support high-resolution, absolute feedback for improved positioning control, and permit flexible servo drive selection. This allows the most demanding sequential and motion control needs to be solved. Rockwell Automation 03 9896 0300.

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