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DeviceNet scanner for small controllers

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article image Rockwell’s DeviceNet scanner.

ROCKWELL Automation has introduced the 1769-SDN DeviceNet scanner for the MicroLogix 1500 and CompactLogix controllers. Capable of simultaneous operation as both a master and slave device on DeviceNet, the 1769-SDN expands controller I/O capabilities and provides powerful methods of communication.

"Our customers have been relying on embedded devices for small machine control, process applications, material handling and distributed control," David Black, Rockwell’s product manager for small controllers, said.

"With the 1769-SDN, they now have capabilities for embedded I/O, local expansion I/O, and the ability to go out over the DeviceNet network and own I/O or communicate with devices that are not physically attached to the controller."

The 1769-SDN builds on the advantages of DeviceNet to bring new performance capabilities to the Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1500 and CompactLogix controllers. For instance, as a master device, a MicroLogix 1500 controller can initiate and receive messages on DeviceNet, and support change-of-state, cyclic, polled and strobed messaging services.

The 1769-SDN enables communication between devices through backplane messaging and native explicit messaging. Backplane messaging allows access to a DeviceNet controller from any other location on the network, providing full data transparency.

It also frees the communication port(s) on a MicroLogix 1500 (LRP only) controller for other uses--including operator devices, bar code readers, weight scales, printers, local programming or a modem connection.

Explicit messaging allows users to retrieve or send native DeviceNet messages from the MicroLogix 1500 control program to another DeviceNet device anywhere on the network. This same functionality is expected in a future release of CompactLogix.

The 1769-SDN is compatible with other controllers using the 1769-SDN or 1761-NET-DNI communications interfaces, other Rockwell Automation DeviceNet scanners and adapters, as well as third party solutions using this open standard.

The scanner is supported by the Rockwell Software RSNetworx configurations tool, which allows users to conveniently set and store parameter settings. Rockwell Automation 03 9896 0300.

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