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article image Combination ControlLogix/SERCOS interface.

ROCKWELL Automation has released a controller module that combines Logix-powered sequential and motion control with fibre-based multi-axis motion control connectivity.

The 1756-L60M03SE ControlLogix/SERCOS interface combination module is the latest addition to the Allen-Bradley ControlLogix family of programmable automation controllers (PACs).

In conventional motion systems a separate processor and fibre optic interface module can be required for SERCOS fibre-based motion control systems. The new combination ControlLogix/SERCOS interface achieves this in one two-slot module. The module provides control for three axes of ControlLogix integrated motion. A total of six axes can be supported by adding a second motion interface module to the ControlLogix rack. The module is a cost-effective option for OEMs and end-users that require the performance of the ControlLogix platform with motion control capabilities for small, low-axis-count machines.

The combination module uses Rockwell Software RSLogix 5000 version 13 programming software for configuration. 38 motion instructions are included as part of the controller instruction set, allowing the module to address a range of applications using a single programming software package. In addition, the new combination module supports ladder, function block, sequential function chart and structured text programming languages.

The combination module also supports CompactFlash memory, providing a portable and nonvolatile means of storing and transporting the module's user programs, tag data, and the controller and SERCOS interface firmware. CompactFlash allows the module's firmware and user program to be loaded and its run-mode launched in one simple step, saving time and minimising the risk of user error when installing a new controller. It also allows users to perform firmware upgrades without RSLogix 5000 or ControlFlash, and to replace controllers by inserting the CompactFlash card.

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