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Allen-Bradley PowerPad from Rockwell Automation

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Adding to the widening range of power and energy management systems from leading automation technology group, Rockwell Automation, is the Allen-Bradley PowerPad. Allen-Bradley portable power monitor allows power to be monitored anywhere in a facility with superior functionality and accuracy. The lightweight unit is self-contained, including the power monitor, cables, manuals and software.

The Allen-Bradley PowerPad’s integrated LCD display provides access to numerous parameters: all real-time and accumulated power parameters; power quality measurements, including harmonics up to the fiftieth order; transient detection and capture; device status and configuration; set-point status and configuration; and various alarm options.

PowerPad can store up to 12 screen snapshots. Allen-Bradley PowerPad can also hold up to 50 captured transients, containing four cycles for each active input, and 4096 alarm events. Information can be recorded for days, weeks, or months to provide specific trend data. The monitor’s high-speed sample rate, 256 samples per cycle, provides good fidelity in reproducing waveforms and capturing transients happening as fast as 62.5µs.

The Allen-Bradley PowerPad features an on-line help system providing clear information about the functions and buttons for each screen. The unit comes with an optically isolated RS-232 communication port, along with software for data storage, analysis and report generation. Graphics/analysis software allows users to download all stored data, and print reports, from a library of pre-designed templates, or create custom templates and reports.

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