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Allen-Bradley Micro800 micro programmable logic controllers available from Rockwell Automation

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Rockwell Automation are pleased to announce the release of the new family of Allen-Bradley Micro800 component class micro programmable logic controllers and Connected Components Workbench software.

Together, these micro programmable logic controllers and software are easy to configure, install and maintain, and are sure to benefit machine builders and end users who need a cost-effective control solution for their small applications.

Designed to be used with other Allen-Bradley component class products, such as drives, motion control and operator interface products, Micro800 component class micro programmable logic controllers are part of a solution bundle that offers machine builders easy selection, installation and commissioning of their low-cost, standalone machines.

“Machine builders need economical, convenient control solutions they can customise to suit their customers’ specific application needs,” says David Black, Product Manager, Architecture & Software, SP Region, Rockwell Automation.

“With this new line, Rockwell Automation is delivering the functionality and flexibility of a micro PLC for the price of a smart relay. Yet, the greatest value of the new Micro800 family is the simplicity and convenience it offers users – namely, that it provides ‘just enough control,’ so they’re only paying for what they need,” he adds.

Ideal for standalone machine applications with fewer than 48 I/O, the initial Micro800 family launch consists of two micro programmable controllers; the Allen-Bradley Micro810 and Micro830 controllers, as well as the Connected Components Workbench software.

The Allen-Bradley Micro810 programmable logic controller is the smallest of the Micro800 family and features embedded smart relay function blocks that can be configured from a 1.5” LCD and keypad. The function blocks include delay OFF/ON timer, and time of day, week and year for applications requiring a programmable timer and lighting control.

The Allen-Bradley Micro830 programmable logic controller provides flexible communications and up to six high-speed counter inputs. It also provides easy incorporation of up to five plug-in modules on the 48pt models. These off-the-shelf, fully customisable controllers carry global certifications and support.

By leveraging their embedded USB and serial ports, machine builders can quickly program these controllers and link them to HMI and other serial devices; ultimately helping minimise selection and installation time for themselves, and the total cost of ownership for end users.

The Micro800 micro programmable controllers offer a wide range of plug-in modules for analog/digital I/O, communications, and expanded memory that enable machine builders to personalise the controllers to increase functionality without expanding the product footprint.

The new Micro800 controller family also offers removable terminal blocks and simplified communication via point-to-point data exchange.

Complementing the new line of micro programmable controllers is the new Connected Components Workbench software. Following established IEC-61131 standards, this software is asingle package that is easy to acquire, install and update.

Connected Components Workbench software makes it convenient and cost-effective for machine builders and end users to leverage one platform for their programming and configuration needs. It allows machine builders to program Micro800 micro programmable controllers and configure other devices in the system, including PowerFlex drives and PanelView Component HMI products.

Based on proven Rockwell Automation and Microsoft Visual Studio technology, this new software provides controller programming, device configuration and data sharing with the HMI editor for PanelView Component operator products. Furthermore, the software supports three standard IEC programming languages: ladder diagram, function block diagram and structured text, and features run-time download to enable live program adjustments.

Allen-Bradley Connect Components Workbench software comes in two versions; the standard, which can be downloaded for free and an advanced version featuring run-time download capability and controller simulation that will available for order through authorised Rockwell Automation distributors in early 2012.

“Machine builders seek the best of all worlds: they want solutions that are priced to provide not only the essential capabilities that they require, but also feature convenient, easy-to-use programming and configuration tools that minimise set-up and start-up times to maximise their profitability,” says Craig Resnick, Research Director, ARC Advisory Group.

“The Allen-Bradley Micro800 micro programmable logic controllers and Connected Components Workbench software from Rockwell Automation appears to meet this machine builder demand for a customisable, cost-effective solution suited to standalone applications that require simple, time-efficient installation, configuration, programming and updating tools,” he concludes.
The Micro810 and Micro830 controllers are available immediately, with additional plug-in capabilities set to be available later this year.

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