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Ac drive meets IP66 washdown needs

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article image PowerFlex 70 -- IP66 rated.

THE new Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 70 IP66 washdown ac drive from Rockwell Automation is designed to be mounted in the harshest 'washdown' environments without the need for a custom enclosure.

The new drive features an IP66 rated and UL-listed enclosure that protects against high-pressure water sprays, corrosion and circulating dust.

Offering the performance of the original PowerFlex 70, the PowerFlex 70 IP66 washdown ac drive conforms to National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) international standards for food production equipment.

The drive is designed to meet global OEM and end-user demands for space savings, cost efficiency and reliability, and provides high-performance motor control in a compact, panel-mount package.

Features such as 'volts-per-hertz' or sensorless vector control permit easy drive configuration for most application needs. With power ratings from 0.37kW to 15kW, the drives are ideal for a range of manufacturing applications.

The main control board on the drive includes built-in digital and analogue I/O for added application flexibility. Standard 24V I/O includes six digital inputs, two relay outputs, two analogue inputs and one analogue output.

To ensure minimal drive downtime, the new drive features an 'active thermal manager'. This helps recognise excessive overload conditions, and automatically makes internal adjustments to compensate for temperature fluctuations.

Communications is also a feature of the PowerFlex 70 IP66 washdown drive, with connectivity options for DeviceNet, ControlNet, Remote I/O, serial communications and other open control and communications networks.

The PowerFlex 70 IP66 washdown drive features 'Zero Stacking' design, which allows the drives to be mounted directly next to one another with no reduction of its 50º Celsius ambient temperature rating.

A standard integral dynamic brake, in the form of a seventh insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT), provides both internal and external dynamic braking resistors and requires no extra panel space.

Integral electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) filtering provides a compact, all-in-one package option for meeting EMC requirements, including European 'CE' approval.

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