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Ac drive family expands

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article image PowerFlex 700 ac drive family.

DESIGNED to meet industry's tightest torque and speed regulation requirements, the Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 700 ac drive with vector control is now available from Rockwell Automation .

Equipped with patented Allen-Bradley Force Technology for field-oriented control, the PowerFlex 700 with vector control boasts motor speed regulation of 0.001 per cent over a wide operating speed range, while also offering industry-leading torque regulation.

This provides precise speed control with the ability to hold full torque at zero speed.

Available in global ratings from 0.37kW to 110kW and voltage ratings from 240V to 600V, the new drive is roughly 50 per cent more compact than competitive offerings.

It includes an additional analogue output, plus two high-speed analogue inputs that are suitable for achieving very fast torque and speed response.

The PowerFlex 700 features a control cassette that houses the main control board and I/O. This cassette, which is removable from the power structure, is the same for all drive ratings. A built-in brake eliminates the need for external choppers and dynamic braking modules.

These drives also optimise panel space with a bookshelf design that allows zero stacking or side-by-side mounting. An integral electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) filter reduces the drive footprint when complying with stringent European standards (CE) while integral common mode cores on the output further reduce noise.

Like all PowerFlex drives, the PowerFlex 700 is designed to meet worldwide power ratings and packaging requirements for out-of-the-box performance.

The PowerFlex family of ac drives offers significant commonality across multiple platforms, including networks, operator interface, programming and hardware.

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